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The spot for the good news, the good word, the quick reports of the many, many wonderful news items I hear all the time and want to share with the rest of you. Expect to find the good news when you come to check out "what’s the good word?"

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The weekend of March 16-18, 2012 saw the Seventy of Canada East Mission of Community of Christ come together along with other friends for a special retreat in Barrie, ON. No, this was not a gathering of Senior Citizens. The Seventy are a group of Community of Christ Elders with a calling to be “special witnesses.” This is a band of ministers who have particular skills in witnessing and inviting, something the church could use a lot more of in our current day.

This gathering was the first of its kind in CEM for several years. The weekend saw 5 of our 7 Seventy come together, along with several other people who demonstrate similar skills. Many conversations occurred as those gathered shared testimonies of hope and witness as well as their challenges and frustrations. The gathering was a special blessing to these individuals who have often felt somewhat alone in their unique and special calling. As they talked together, they strengthened each other in their desire to share the Peace of Jesus Christ with others.

The weekend also included some St. Patrick's Day fun as several members of the group demonstrated their Irish Spirit!

The weekend was rich in Spirit as the group met together for shared in worship, study and fellowship. Guest ministry for the weekend included Apostle Susan Skoor, and Kris Judd who is the leader/president of the 9th quorum of Seventy. Under the guidance of Apostle Skoor, the group discussed three primary needs that guide and motivate people in their lives: the need for love, safety, and importance which is often expressed as the need to make a difference in our world. The Seventy came to understand that while our community can provide an outlet for each of these needs, it is helpful to understand where people are coming from before we invite them to participate.

On Saturday evening the team gathered with folks from the Barrie Community of Christ, sharing faith and testimonies, and encouraging this fledgling congregation in their journey. On Sunday morning, the two groups gathered at a Community Centre for worship, the first Sunday a.m. gathering of its kind for the young Barrie group.

The weekend culminated with several of the Seventy participating in Steam, the Christian Coffee house that happens one Sunday night a month at the TLC CafĂ© and Bistro in the city’s downtown core. It was a great evening and the end of a wonderful weekend.

This busy weekend was a blessing to the Seventy and all those who participated. Look for renewed efforts on the part of the Seventy as they seek to respond faithfully to their calling. May their ministry always be bathed in prayer and empowered by the courage of faithful witness.

Posted by Carman Thompson


  1. fantastic post Carman!

    i am certain that the weekend was a blessing to everyone in attendance!

    i had been asked, by one of our 70, if i was interested in going but felt that it should be a weekend for those 70 and friends who could come together, work together and stay together! it looks like i missed out on a great weekend but i feel comfortable in what i had decided!

    (who though he may be a high priest, has the heart of a 70) ;)

  2. John, We need Seventy and we need High Priests. High Priests are called to be ministers of vision and we need a vision for a different, more hopeful future. You have the right calling.

    We also need Seventy who will be ministers of invitation, and more of them!

    Thanks for your thoughts as always,



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