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Thursday, November 17, 2011


I have been thinking about that tiny little word, “of.” Grammatically it is a preposition which can be used in a variety of ways. For instance, it can be used to indicate distance or direction from something. An example would be within a mile of the church, or south of Sarnia.

Of can also be used to indicate cause, motive or reason as in: to die of starvation.

Another use could be to indicate composition, substance, or contents: a dress of silk; a book of poems; a package of cheese.

The word of can also be used to indicate attribution: Is that genius of a pastor preaching again this Sunday?

The usage I am thinking about, however, is when of indicates derivation, origin or source. Examples of this could include, the books of the Bible, or the words of Shakespeare. For such a small word, of has quite an impact, doesn’t it? I think you will agree that there is a major difference between saying the books, versus the books of the Bible. Similarly, talking about words is one thing, but the words of Shakespeare is quite another!

All of that is background for one further placement of this inelegant but oh-so important little word, and a question I suggest we need to consider. That question is,
What is the difference in your view between community and Community of Christ?

You are invited to ponder the question, then share your thoughts on the matter here. This is a question of significance.

Posted by Carman


  1. to me, community represnts a group, Community of Christ, represents a community, that enfolds Christ in their midst, as the focus of their mission

  2. "as the focus of their mission," I like that. Thanks Anonymous.

    Anyone else have any thoughts?


  3. In Russia, the 1917 October Revolution marks when the Bolshevik Party grasped state power. What they sought was a new community. The theology projected by Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto now had an opportunity to come into being, but, through the social reforms, the result was a gross mutation of Marx’s Communism.

    The actual word community sounds very much like the communism and one might even deduce they stem from the same roots. How do you think people for the former Union of Soviet States might see anything group that promotes community today?

    Community is the new buzz word. That’s all it is because it doesn’t hold any really power or truth. A community of nothing is still nothing! It is as empty as hula hoop.

    A community is a very neutral term from me and it is easy to assume the same must stand for everyone. However, that way of thinking is false. There are many, many people in our own country that do not have fond memories of being in a community. Some people never had the community we claim we support in our churches. It is simply frightening to trust that they will be accepted and support by a group of people.

    It’s not the ends of the means for our church, but community is the very vessel that brings us to God through Christ. When we go out and promote community in itself, we are appealing to the masses at the very risk of losing our souls.

    Why would we do this?
    Is it because we want everyone to like us?
    Or maybe because we don’t want to offend?
    Maybe it is because we are absolutely frightened of being rejected, so we leave Christ out of it?

    This is what we are called to do, promote communities that are centered in Jesus Christ. It is our yoke, our burden, and our cross to bear. However, it will be lightened and can become even enjoyable when we accept our calling and proudly invite others to come carry it with us.

    I know some will reject us, but, I also know more will join us.

  4. There is a lot of content in your comment Matthew. You have put a lot of thought into that. I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks for sharing.


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