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Friday, November 18, 2011


First came J. K. Rowling and the Harry Potter novels with the famous Invisibility Cloak. Now comes news that various scientists are actually working on such a device, and while the product is not yet usable, they have achieved some early success. Of course the initial applications are likely to be military, but eventually the product will probably make its way to people like you and me. Of course, why we might want to be invisible is a question for which I have absolutely no good answer!

If all that wasn’t enough to make a person wonder, I then came across this quote in the website for The New Media Project at Union Theological Seminary.
Today, a church without a website is as invisible as a church without a yellow pages listing was 20 years ago.
Now that really got my attention! I began to think about the fact that probably two years ago we made web pages available to every congregation in CEM for free. We included basic information such as the name of the pastor and her/his contact information plus the times of services or activities. We then invited congregations to put someone in charge of keeping the information current, add pictures, tell about planned activities, etc.

Now, I don’t want to point fingers or paint everyone with the same brush because some congregations have done a great job with this, but others of those pages haven’t changed since the day they were born! Some don't have a picture of the church and no information beyond service times, and I have to wonder if even those are current. (If you want to check your congregation’s page, go to CEM Community of Christ Congregations, then click on the name of your community.)

All that has me wondering about this invisibility thing. Is it possible that we want to remain invisible? Would we prefer to continue to do business as usual and not tell our surrounding neighbours about it? Do we not want anyone to know when and where we meet, what our activities are, etc? Or is all that internet stuff just too technical for some of our congregations?

If your congregation would like to stop being invisible, there is a wonderful solution. James Clark has offered to help any congregation in Canada East Mission become more visible. He will help by updating your web page, create a facebook and twitter account for your congregation, help you create an email newsletter, and even teach you how easy it all is. Your congregation does not have to remain invisible any longer. Who knows but the people in the houses on your street might actually be trying to check you out!

If you would like to see an example of James’ work, you can take a look at Wiarton Congregation's Webpage. While you are there, why not subscribe to thier email newslatter and click on the link to their facebook page? After that, why not email James at and get help for your congregation?

Oh, and then please, get rid of that silly invisibility cloak!

Posted by Carman


  1. Yep just as you said Carman, the page for our congregation has a picture, and times for services listed.
    I am not computer literite enough to volunteer my services to update this page.
    I have asked more than once about a Face Book page, and have been told each time....we have a page on the CEM webpage, that is great but I think(know) we are missing opportunities, to share our MISSION, as I know more people that use Face Book, than check out the CEM pages, in fact that is how I come across the Good Word Blog....because I can access it from Face Book
    I do feel many times our congregation is "invisable"
    I have almost given up trying, to make suggestions on becoming more visable in our just doesn't seem worth my effort any more, or the put down when I attempt a suggestion.
    Sorry I sound so negative, but that's how I feel.

  2. Anonymous, I'm sorry that has been your experience. There are many reasons why people, including leaders, may not want to change things. Sometimes not to do so is to remain with low visibility in the surrounding community. How many neighbours may wonder what the church is all about but are too timid to walk over and ask?

    Thanks for contributing to the conversation.



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