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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Even before I write it, I have an internal debate going about whether this is a “good” word. I suppose it depends on your point of view. Let me explain.

Today is Tuesday, September 06, 2011, and so-called normal activities resume. By 7:00 a.m. students not seen for months have hauled themselves out of bed and made their way to the bus stop. School resumes today.

For two weeks I have noticed cars in the parking lot of the local school, suggesting that teachers were already there, getting their classrooms prepared. Undoubtedly some teachers will approach this day with a mix of optimism and anxiety. Optimism for the young lives they can touch, worry for the ones who they may not be able to reach.

Today, the students come back. Are they excited? I did not detect a lot of enthusiasm at the bus stop, but some will be, and some will not. It all depends.

And what of the bus drivers, are they happy to resume their daily routes? I suspect the answer is the same; some will be and some will not. It depends on their point of view.

In many offices or other work places, normality resumes as well. If there were summer flex hours, they are over. Summer vacations are past, and almost everyone is back at work. Life has returned to so-called normal. Some will approach this day with enthusiasm and others will not. Those who are out of work may wish they were returning.

In many congregations, the passing of Labour Day also means regular activities begin. Sunday School probably starts next week and there will be a full bulletin of announcements as activities such as choir practice, Peace Club, youth group and so on all resume. Are we excited? Is this a good word for you?

The answer is, it all depends. If we do those things because we see them as part of the mission of Jesus Christ and are prayerfully looking for the lives that will be blessed and changed as a result, there is cause for great excitement as the fall schedule resumes. On the other hand, if we do those things because we have always done them…well, that is not so exciting is it?

Whatever your normal is, I suspect it will be affected in some way today. I pray the day may be filled with excitement and optimism as you look forward to your continuing adventure with God. May today be a very good day as our collective journey resumes.

Posted by Carman

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