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The spot for the good news, the good word, the quick reports of the many, many wonderful news items I hear all the time and want to share with the rest of you. Expect to find the good news when you come to check out "what’s the good word?"

Monday, December 7, 2009


Clearly the angels have been shedding. As I walked into the fellowship hall the white tree in the corner had been well and truly trimmed by a team whose decorating principle is "fill every single inch with something bright and shiny."

The floor around was covered with white feather fluff. It trailed through the room into the next, up the stairs, into the sanctuary. Much angel activity has been going on as the children are getting ready for their roles in programs that will be unfolding over the next few weeks of Advent.

A couple of questions about the source of the "mess" were answered with a stern look and a clear message that there will be feathers where there are angels, and there are definitely angels present here. (The feathery wings lay on the table along with tinsel halos, several shepherd and wise man robes and a baby!)

That settled it. No more questions. Where there are angels there may indeed be "mess" but that's just the way it is.

It was part of the message of the morning as well. Although we are in the business of preparing the way, we still have issues of real life to deal with. We will still need to forgive each other, make way for one another, be patient with those whose perspective does not exactly match our own. We will need to come to the table, in repentance and seeking healing and reconciliation.

But other signs are also there. Jesus is coming. There are angels here. Ignore the stray feathers. With real life some feathers will be shed. At some point the vacuum will come out. But for now, sing Hallelujah! Make ready to receive Him.


  1. The word was "straw" for us on Sunday - each person was given a long piece of straw as we entered the church and when the time came, we were invited to lay them in the empty manger placed in front of the communion table (all beautifully dressed in green and red - there may be a tangent there for some... :) ). The straw was meant to symbolize some problem, worry, stress - any issue you wanted to leave with God - He's apparently good with that, even without clear definitions. At the end of the service, I went closer to see the final result - (I had been one of the first to lay my straw down...) That manger was overflowing with straws tossed every which way - how beautiful! I thought -thank you (presider) for the opportunity! I especially remember a little 3 year old who had returned to the front to throw on just one more hunk before heading off to his class. Everyone needs this chance.
    And of course there were several pieces of straw which had fallen out of the main basket and never made it to the front. You can guess the comment, spoken lovingly/sardonically for sure -" X (who does the vacuuming)-is not going to love this!" We were standing next to 3 large tables absolutely filled with a variety of wonderful Nativity sets - I said with a smile, "Look around - there are stables everywhere here so there'd better be straw!" And we obviously needed it that day - it had been a wonderful service and thank goodness there was straw!

  2. Exactly!
    You've got my meaning precisely.
    There will always be some "mess" associated with life.
    Much as we might like it all to be perfect and orderly, life just doesn't work that way.
    Today we needed a reminder to share our messes too.
    Thanks for sharing the straw as a second metaphor for the gathering, anticipating community on our way to the stable. (I doubt it smelled of fresh baking and cinnamon.)
    There will be disorder and discomfort we also need to share with each other this Advent season.


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