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Monday, November 21, 2016

Lina Schwermer - World Service Corps CEM Volunteer

Hi! I am a World Service Corps volunteer in the CEM since a little more than two months ago now.

I have visited several congregations and have been to the Women's Retreat, Retiree's and Thanksgiving Retreat over here so far. Into whatever kind of church group I stepped - no matter which age, location or circumstances - I always felt welcomed and included the same way. Of course it is not exactly the same as back home in Germany but it is a very similar feeling of homecoming and peace.

Even just seeing the so familiar symbols of the Mission Initiative hanging in a church. It often felt like I have known those people for ever even after only one Sunday service I participated in a congregation.

People invited me to just sit with them in a service, others walked up to me and started a conversation or showed me around, others again told me a background story, expressed understanding for traveling alone around to a different country or simply welcomed me with big smiles and hugs or taught me a little bit about how to be Canadian. On the other hand I was super surprised and impressed how many people responded with a German greeting or phrase as soon as they heard where I was from.

We are a worldwide church. It is our name and our identity drawing us together. Being one family and One in Christ. Being united however diverse we are but, no matter if someone coming into a church group is a Community of Christ member or not, this is how everyone should feel. That feeling is exactly what will make them wanting to come again.

 We identify ourself amongst others by showing equal respect and love to everyone and by constantly inviting and welcoming people. Let me tell you you are doing a great job! Keep your open arms and hearts. Welcome everyone that warmly. 

Who welcomes God's people welcomes Him.  

Lina Schwermer

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