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Saturday, November 21, 2015

That is the Life We Choose

Community of Christ Sings #205 (adapted)

"When senseless violence takes those we love,
When cruel death strikes childhood's promise down,
When wrenching loss becomes our bitter bread,
We know O God, You leave us not alone.

When unexpected crisis takes those we love,
When those with loathing all their hate impart,
And grief becomes the fabric of our days,
Dear God, You do not stand from us apart.

Our faith may flicker low and hope grow dim,
Yet You, O God, are with us in our pain,
You grieve with us, and for us, day by day,
And loving presence near, always the same.

In an excruciating week of personal, community and global loss, the ever redeeming reality felt within, is that our lives are bound to one another in sacred community and trust that love prevails. In a knowing faith we resolve to live into an inner peace that spurs courageous action to be carriers of hope to a shattered world. 
God bless our collective resolve to be a blessing for others that rises above the pessimism, doubt and hate. Onward we prevail through unconditional kindness, through compassion and blessing; for... that... is... the... life... we...choose !!

submitted by Kerry

1 comment:

  1. This inspiring amazing message is magnifying given the position some of us are facing.

    My Heart currently overwhelming heavy with rage and sadness but reading this daily sheds light into the Staff who do believe in our Risen Christ.


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