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Friday, June 12, 2015

Bouncing with Joy

After weeks of planning, preparations and distribution of pamphlets to hundreds of homes in the neighborhood; the day had finally come. This was the day for the church and community to join together to raise funds for a “Lunch Program” for a school in the neighborhood. 
    The (Kitchener) church fellowship hall was set up for face painting, pet rock art, fish pond casting and games for children.  Two live bands were assembling to fill the room with music, a balloon artist was on his way and the BBQ’s would soon be lit. Now for the final attraction, the “piece de resistance”; a full sized Bouncy Castle.
    The usually warm weather had suddenly turned very cold and the rain continuing to pour down made it impossible to set the “Bouncy Castle up outdoors.  What to do!  Should the delivery be cancelled?  Would families even bring their children to enjoy it on such a rainy day?
    While twinges of such uncertainty flashed through my mind, not so in the heart and mind of our Children’s Ministry Leader.  With confidence and unwavering enthusiasm, she simply stated,  “We’ll put the Bouncy Castle in the sanctuary!”
    To my astonishment, the sanctuary immediately became a flurry of activity as men and women began to push the pews back, forward and to the sides of the room. The long, heavy, solid oak pews were being moved around as effortlessly as an army of ants would move grains of sand.  To everyone’s delight, the room was soon filled from floor to ceiling with a massive Bouncy Castle for kids to enjoy.
    And the children came:  children from the congregation,  children from the school, and YPC children from the neighborhood.  For three wonderful hours, the church was alive with music, conversation, the enjoyment of food and the bright eyes and sweet laughter of children.  A castle had found Sanctuary inside the church to the sheer delight of parents and children alike.
    On that cold and rainy day in May, we clustered together and became a community of Joy.

    “We proclaim Jesus Christ and promote Communities of
    Joy, Hope, Love and Peace”.

Ruth Black,
June 2015

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