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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Empathy, The Real Reality

Empathy. A word that evokes intersection. That requires merging one’s life within the realities of another’s life. To encounter the perceptions, emotions, hurts, pain, anger, sorrow, joy, love, thankfulness, motivation, dreams and hopes of someone who is willing to trust and open their life to you. There is a limitless depth in their eyes you see for the first time, a quiver in their voice that resonates with their story, a tear that expresses the grasp of something upon them or the releasing of a burden that frees them to live and be.

Empathy is a shared life that enters your space and touches your soul, forever changing your perception of life and your relationship with that person and all others. We talk of intimacy with the Spirit of God, of discerning moments of encountering the presence of the Spirit. There is a feeling that fills your soul with a depth of knowing, a flood of being, a sense of purpose and worth. These two experiences of empathic encounter are divine, not separate from one another but realities of the oneness of God within and also when we are with another. God experienced in me and God experienced in you are empathic encounters of self and mutuality, equality and unconditional oneness with the Spirit and the kindred soul of another. This is a sacramental moment. Human and Divine intersect. Eternity and sacred community blend. We are one. We imprint the memory of those precious moments forever as sacred and holy. You hold the other in your gaze, in your heart, in your soul.

Once you have experienced empathy it opens you up to the need for sacred community, to invite others into this pure and holy relationship of transparency and trust that transcends separateness. This is the purest form of Mission. This is the reason we invite. This is the meaning we share. This is the oneness and unity that envelops our diversity. This is what empowers us to be gracious and generous, to be loving, forgiving and reconciling. This is the source of the peace of God envisioned in the seal of Community of Christ. Community is borne out of empathy. If we desire to be sacred community, discern through the spirit where empathy calls you to enter the life of another. As you are with the other, be willing to be a blessing in their life in whatever way of unconditional selflessness you are drawn to be and do. Out of this depth of humanness and divine connection how can you not be a source of invitation to sacred community and others who share this common story.

Live into empathy through the spirit of discernment and your life will never be the same. 

Submitted by Kerry Richards

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