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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Apple Orchard

Apple Orchard

this ain’t a walk
in an apple orchard
stumbling through sunlight here
only warms the mantle
of a damp chill air
that gripped him
in the lyrical wee small hours
this morninglit bridge to and from
daytime’s sun-drenched monotony
against such waylayed sleep
grave dead chill
concrete pillow
and hard wood cold steel bench
bitter stone cranny
offers no creature comfort promise
no whimsical waltz
through fields or meadows
redolent with a hint of springtime

hand gropes through debris
through newspapers
holds fast to a lifetime’s trove
on shopping cart’s quiver
feasted remnants
purchased piece-meal
with foraged generosity
clings tight to futile dreams of lazing
in this apple orchard
craving a world apart
craving some succulent sweetness
of rubescent fruit
hanging high and
out of reach
 changes to green
as street-lit
diesel stench rumble
rattle and hum of days
of the other side in motion
and that once-enticing red orb
signals again
the halt of traffic
his orchard bed still recalls
this soul-cold sidewalk reality

ã2008 Bill Ashwell

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