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Monday, May 28, 2012


I go for my morning walk with the countryside cloaked in mist.  I cannot see far ahead, and that is blessing.  The farms are hidden from view except for the fields that border my path.  I cannot see the stop sign though I know it is still there, far at the end of road.  I am left to my quiet reverie and the sound of birds unseen somewhere nearby.  From time to time, the fog is penetrated by the warning lights of vehicles, their drivers headed for work or some early destination.  They give me notice to move out of the way.

Our world is small and is brought ever closer.  The clamour of distress saturates our consciousness; there are so many things to see, hear and do.  The mist narrows our focus, at least for a little while.  Think, walk, pray, not about the whole world and all its problems, not about the long term, but only for today; the immediate here and now.

I am grateful for holy Mist that, for a while at least, shrinks my view of the world.  I cannot fix it all, and it is not mine to carry.  Today let me bear grace and hope to the few whose path intersects with mine.  That is my calling and my choice.  That is blessing if not peace.

Posted by Carman


  1. Thanks Carmen, for your blog this morning MIST. How true, at times we need to focus on just today.

  2. You are welcome Betty. Thank you for your observation.

  3. Carman, I'm particularly drawn to your last paragraph, how very true. Sage advice we should all remember each day as we remember and are reminded of the many family, friends and neighbours who need of a Father's Blessing.



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